Detergent Free Laundry Systems Can Provide Savings and Convenience for Homeowners in Orange Park, FL & Surrounding Areas

Detergent Free Laundry Orange Park FLA detergent free laundry system from A & B Marketing can significantly simplify the process of washing clothes in your Orange Park, Florida, home while helping you save money at the same time. The RainSoft CleanStart® system that we offer accomplishes this through the injection of controlled bursts of Activated Oxygen into your wash water. This natural oxidant, which is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, turns your wash water itself into a powerful cleaning agent, and therefore allows your rinse cycle to act as a second round of cleaning. This will produce softer, cleaner clothes than you’ve ever enjoyed before. Also, since our products are compatible with virtually every kind of washing machine on the market – including top-loaders, side-loaders, and eco-friendly models – our detergent free laundry system will be sure to work with the hardware already in your Orange Park, FL, home.

By turning the wash water itself into a cleaning mechanism, our CleanStart® system limits or eliminates the need for chemicals like detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. This means that our detergent free laundry system can help you save up front on your shopping costs, but it’s certainly not the only benefit our system provides. Our products also:

  • Help your clothes last longer by removing harsh chemicals from the cleaning process, allowing you to enjoy favorite items for longer and delay the expense of buying replacements
  • Consume very little electricity (less than 40 watts) allowing you to enjoy cleaner clothes without worrying about extra utility costs
  • Produce no chemical byproducts, since the oxidation process that cleans your clothes turns the Activated Oxygen back into breathable O2
  • Provide an average of $6,500 in savings over a 10 year-period (for a family of four)

To learn more about the CleanStart® detergent free laundry system and how it can help you enjoy cleaner clothes than ever before, contact A & B Marketing today. We proudly serve homeowners in Orange Park, FL, and throughout Northern Florida.