Enjoy Detergent Free Laundry in Your Ponte Vedra Beach or Nocatee, FL, Home

Detergent Free Laundry Ponte Vedra Beach FL | NocateeA CleanStart® detergent free laundry system from A & B Marketing can help you cut costs and enjoy cleaner clothes with the washing machine you already have in your Ponte Vedra Beach or Nocatee, Florida home. This high-tech product, which is compatible with washing machines of all makes and models, uses Activated Oxygen to provide a thorough clean without the need for harsh chemicals. A natural and potent oxidant, Activated Oxygen is made up out of three oxygen molecules, which enables it to oxidize your wash water and turn it into a cleaning agent. As a result, your clothes will emerge softer and cleaner than ever, and since the oxidation process breaks down the Activated Oxygen into regular O2, the only byproduct will be fresh, breathable air.

What’s more, purchasing a detergent free laundry system also has significant potential to help you save money in your Ponte Vedra Beach or Nocatee, FL, home over time.  Our systems:

  • Minimize or eliminate your need to buy bleach, detergent, or fabric softener
  • Reduce wear and chemical fading on clothing, helping them to last longer and decrease your need to purchase replacements
  • Require only cold water to function, so you avoid the energy costs typically needed to heat the wash water

In fact, having a CleanStart® system installed can save a family of four an average of $6,500 dollars over the course of a ten-year period.

For additional information about the benefits that a CleanStart® detergent free laundry system can bring to your home in Ponte Vedra Beach or Nocatee, FL, contact A & B Marketing today.

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