Don’t Go for Basic Home Water Softening in Jacksonville, FL – Trust the Advanced Water Conditioners from A & B Marketing

Home Water Softening Jacksonville FLA simple home water softening system bought over the counter will never work as effectively for your home in Jacksonville, Florida, as a RainSoft water conditioner from A & B Marketing. RainSoft systems, unlike other water softener products, are true water conditioners, which means that they are capable of utterly eliminating hard water by addressing its root cause, rather than by simply mitigating symptoms. Using a time-tested process known as ion exchange, RainSoft EC5 and TC Series water conditioners remove the calcium, magnesium, and other bicarbonate ions that cause hard water and replace them with less problematic sodium or potassium ions. The resulting water will be “softer” on a chemical level, more manageable for a bathing and showering, and no longer produce any of the unsightly or damaging buildups caused by hard water.

Furthermore, when you turn to A & B Marketing for an alternative to a home water softening system in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll receive a water conditioning product that is sure to stand the test of time. Our systems are:

  • Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association and other independent groups, like NSF International, to ensure that they work exactly as advertised
  • Installed by our highly skilled in-house technicians
  • Backed by an excellent Limited Lifetime Warranty, the best of its kind in the industry

For more information about why a RainSoft water conditioner from A & B Marketing beats a generic home water softening system every time, contact us today. We proudly serve homeowners in Jacksonville, FL, and all nearby areas.

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