Enjoy Using a No Detergent Laundry System for Your Home in St. Augustine, FL

No Detergent Laundry St. Augustine FLThe no detergent laundry systems installed by A & B Marketing for homeowners in St. Augustine, Florida, can help you to enjoy cleaner, softer clothes than ever before. Our CleanStart® systems, which are manufactured by RainSoft, use controlled bursts of Activated Oxygen to clean your clothing. Activated Oxygen is a molecule consisting of three bonded oxygen atoms, and this powerful natural oxidant turns your wash water itself into a cleaning agent, allowing your clothes to in essence be cleaned twice, both by the wash cycle and the rinse cycle. As a result, you clothes will be softer and brighter than ever, and your reliance on harsh cleaning chemicals will be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Another advantage of having a no detergent laundry system installed in your St. Augustine, FL, home is the potential savings it can provide. In addition to reducing your need to purchase bleach, detergent, or fabric softener, our system can help you save money by:

  • Helping your clothes to last longer, thanks to avoiding the fading and damaging effects that cleaning chemicals can have over time
  • Reduced energy costs, thanks to the fact that our systems only need cold water to be effective and require less than 40 watts of energy to run, ensuring net savings when compared to the cost of heating your wash water

Because of these multiple channels of saving, our CleanStart® systems can help a family of four save an average of $6,500 over a decade, all while enjoying cleaner, softer clothes that will look great for years.

For additional information about the no detergent laundry systems we offer to homeowners in St. Augustine, FL, contact A & B Marketing today.

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