Having the RainSoft system installed was the best thing we have done for our home.  What a great investment for our family’s health and well being.

Jared & Annette Whitaker, Jacksonville

The best thing about RainSoft water is that I know that my little girl is drinking clean water.

Chris Gyimoti, Jacksonville

Listen to Mike Chauncey as he reveals the many benefits he’s received from his RainSoft system since 1995. Thanks for sharing Mike!

As a retired nurse practitioner, it is a relief to get a system that efficiently filters undesirable materials, i.e. minerals, pharmaceuticals, poisons, microorganisms, promises ease of operation, and longevity if carefully maintained. And, most of all, it tastes good!

JoAnn Patray, Jacksonville

I have a 55 gallon fish tank.  We filled the tank and the water was immediately cloudy and dirty.  My mother called RainSoft and they came out to replace the old system.  Our water is now clear and the fish tank is now crystal clear.  When I tested the water with the test strips, it tested negative on all levels, water hardness was 0!  We were amazed! I only wish we had taken a picture of my tank before the RainSoft system was put in to our home!  The difference in the quality of water is amazing!

Rhonda Brummer & Donald Houser, Live Oak

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Read more A & B testimonials on RainSoft Letters

Read & listen to some of our many customer reviews. After serving 18,000 customers over 25 years, we must be doing something right!

Another happy person enjoying all the benefits of clean, healthy water in her home!

We have noticed a number of improvements in our household. The taste of our coffee and tea is very smooth. Our hair feels cleaner after a shower. The cleaning products make cleaning a breeze. Everyone including installer was very knowledgeable and has done a quality job. We are very satisfied with our system and are glad we made this investment.

Lisa Sowell, Yulee

We’re super excited about our new water treatment system.  Thank you for educating us on the benefits to our family.

Natalie Swearingen, Jacksonville

After less than 1 week with this system in place, I’m very pleased.  The drinking water is GREAT, the dishes from the dishwasher are clean when washed, and I’m using less soap for everything.  I’ve also discovered that I can use 25% less coffee grounds and the coffee no longer tastes bitter.  This is about a $60/yr savings alone.

Susan Weaver, St Augustine

Great product!  After the in-house presentation, we were sold on it.  The install process was quick and the team was courteous and efficient!  The follow-up visit was a welcomed surprise, the agent was very friendly and knowledgeable about the product.  The products are amazing!

Vidal Martinez, Jacksonville

Renford Zep shares the many benefits he and his family have received for 25 years with a RainSoft system.

Everyone from RainSoft from the saleman to the installers were great – polite, helpful and answered all our questions.  Our well water is 1000’s times better too!

Richard & Sharon Robinson, Middleburg

Listen as Rocky Chaplan, owner of a RainSoft system for over 8 years, shares the benefits he and his family receive by having clean water in their home.

In the short time that we have had the RainSoft system, we have noticed a significant improvement in both the water & air quality. Paul has even increased his water intake immensely. Our clothing is so much cleaner & brighter, and I absolutely love the RainSoft laundry detergent. The air quality in the home has improved greatly. This is an amazing product.

Paul and Marielle McKay, Lawty

Custom install by 2 great techs.  The water quality is great.  Water taste greatly improved.  Noticed improved cleaning in  washer.  Improved odor.

Otto Williams, St Augustine

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This system is outstanding for me.  Does everything they said it would.  Can’t beat the soft water.  The sales, installation and follow up were outstanding too.

William Taylor, Jacksonville

I wanted to write and let you know how much I am enjoying mr RainSoft water and air system.  Your sales representative was right:

  • I feel cleaner, my skin is softer,I don’t itch, and I use less lotions.
  • My hair has come back to a more natural color and looking cleaner and healthier, instead of all of the drab lifelessness from the emollients of using hard water.
  • There is no more residue around my faucets.  My faucets sparkle.  The glass in the shower is clear.  My kitchen and bathroom sinks are cleaner with fewer spots.
  • When I do laundry, my clothing has taken on a brighter, fluffier look to them and they feel good, like fabric without leftover soaps embedded in them.
  • I use less soap in all of my household chores, saving money, not to mention less cleaning which saves me time.
  • Drinking water from my refrigerator tap is great.  So much easier than lugging gallon jugs from the grocery store home and then in and out of the refrigerator.  It’s a lot less painful on my back.  Yes, the water tastes better.  Actually, it has no taste, it’s just wet, like water should be, as I remember from childhood when spring water was still pure.
  • My pets are also benefiting from the RainSoft systems too.  My bird, Sweet Pea’s feathers are shinier and he smells cleaner from longer after he’s has a bath using the tap water.  My cat, Gabriel and Sweet Pea both drink water out of the refrigerator tap and seem to like it as much as I do.  I know it’s healthier for them.
  • The air cleaner that was installed in my air handler makes my asthma and allergies less bothersome.  I use less medications, which is great.

Overall, I feel more healthy with both water and air systems in my home.  I had wanted to do this for a long time and knew I needed them badly. What a wise choice I made with the RainSoft system.  I think this system filters enough to purify what I am allergic to, which is not only beneficial for me, other people and pets, but for the enviroment in general.  As you well know more steps should be taken to preserve healthy living for everybody and everything, not only for our generation, but for generations to come.  Now is the time to be more involved in that and I think RainSoft is doing it’s fair share in this aspect. Thank you and your staff for being there for me when I needed questions answered and explanations, both from the sales and the installation sides when I bought my system.  You all made it a “no stress” process from beginning to end.Diane Lenkey, Jacksonville