Water Conditioning Systems: What You Need to Know

Water Conditioning

Hard water is probably behind a good number of complaints in many communities across the country. It can be found in Texas, Florida, Montana, Nevada, and even Minnesota. Yes, the Land of 10,000 Lakes has plenty of hard water. If you’re wondering whether your pipes are filled with the stuff, chances are good that you […]

Water Conservation: Does It Matter?


Though roughly 71% of the earth’s surface is water, it isn’t as abundant as you might think. Very little of it is considered “fresh.” In fact, research suggests only 3% of water is freshwater and just half of that (1.5%) is drinkable. With the population and land development increasing at a steady pace, this alone should be reason enough […]

Difference Between a Water Conditioner vs. Water Softener

Water Conditioning, Water Softener

When your home is supplied by hard water, this mineralized tap water can lead to problems not only for your laundry, but also for your pipes and other appliances. Several treatment methods have been developed over the years to reduce or eliminate water hardness, but the two most popular solutions are water softeners and water […]

How CleanStart Can Save You Money!


Commercial laundry services offer a quality wash that disinfects, removes stains, and leaves laundry smelling fresh and looking clean. For the average person seeking the same quality clean in their own home, traditional laundry machines and detergents too often fall short of these expectations.   Until now, anyway. Thanks to the CleanStart laundry system, you […]

Is Hard Water Hard on Your Appliances?

Hard Water

Hard water is a reality that a whole bunch of us have experienced in our daily lives. Sure, it makes showering a bit tricky because the soap doesn’t lather up the way you want it to, and it’s possible you never really feel clean afterward. But hard water has more of an effect on your […]

Why You Need a Water Treatment System

Water Treatment

Having clean water in the home is vital for so many reasons, but the most important of them all is your health! Whether you are using it to shower, cook, or drink, you want to make sure the water entering your home is properly clean. Therefore, you might want to look into home water treatment systems. […]