Reasons Why You Should Avoid Drinking Hard Water

Hard Water

Nearly 85% of Americans are estimated to be using hard water in their homes. The distinctive smell, taste, and feel of hard water can make it difficult to perform simple household chores such as washing clothes, running the dishwasher, watering plants, and cooking without having to deal with crusty residue on nearly everything it touches. […]

6 Things To Look For Before Installing a Water Treatment Solution at Home

Water Treatment

The water we drink is life. It’s that simple. Up to 60% of your body is water, and we are water ourselves. Keeping this in mind, you should invest in your home’s best water treatment system. The following is a simple guide on what to look for when shopping for a new household water treatment […]

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Water Softener

Water Softener

Buying a household water treatment in Jacksonville, FL is common. Most homeowners believe that a Rainsoft water treatment system is a basic investment they should undertake to have clean and safe water for drinking. However, those considering household water treatment in Jacksonville, FL seem to face some extreme challenges with a Rainsoft water treatment system. […]