Air Purifier

Air pollution has remained a common issue that many people face daily. Today, millions of people worldwide complain about the air pollution in their cities. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that air pollution is a significant global health risk linked to millions of premature deaths.

Unfortunately, this global issue is not going away anytime soon. The fact that air pollution and other climatic problems continue to rise means that we all have to develop creative and long-term ways to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of this pollution.

One of the creative ways to do this is by using an air purifier in your home. Air purifiers remove contaminants from the air, making it safer and healthier for you to breathe.

But how do you know if you need an air purifier for your home?

 1. You Have Pets

Around 65% of households in the United States have at least one pet. While animals are great companions, they can also be a source of indoor air pollution.

Pets’ fur or feathers can release dust and other allergens into the air, which can cause respiratory problems for some people. An air filtration system for home can help remove these contaminants from the air, making it safer for everyone in the house.

 2. You Suffer from Allergies

The number of people suffering from allergies today is on the rise. In the United States alone, it is currently estimated that around 50 million people experience some form of allergy.

Allergies are often caused by airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and mold spores. These particles can trigger symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose.

An air filtration system for home can help make your living space cleaner, resulting in fewer allergies and respiratory issues for your family.

 3. You Have Asthma

Around 25 million individuals in the United States have asthma. And unfortunately, many of these people have to deal with their condition daily at work, school, or home. This can be very frustrating and a source of anxiety.

An excellent way to help control your asthma symptoms is by using an air purifier. These devices can remove dust, pollen, and pet dander. This can significantly reduce the irritation of these airborne particles and reduce the episodes of asthma attacks you suffer from. Also, using an air purifier can help you avoid using asthma medication as often.

 4. You Live in a Region with Poor Air Quality

If you live in Jacksonville, FL, you may know that air quality can sometimes be a problem. Unfortunately, Florida has always been one of the top states in the country in terms of poor air quality.

Some companies are known for offering the best water filtration system in Jacksonville, but they also offer air purifiers that can help with poor air quality. Therefore, besides selecting the best water filtration system in Jacksonville, you should also consider the best air purifier in the city.

These are some of the main reasons you need an air purification system in your Florida home. Contact us at RainSoft A&B Marketing for an air filtration system and RainSoft water softener. Besides purifying your air, RainSoft water softener keeps your drinking water clean.