Water Treatment

A whole-home water treatment system not only supplies safer and cleaner drinking water directly from the tap, but it also delivers clean, filtered water to other parts of the home, including your shower. You may not notice the differences between hard water and treated water until after you’ve experienced both.

Learn about the benefits of using a water conditioner for your shower to see what you are missing.

Clean Off Soap Easier

When you mix hard water with soap and shampoo, the minerals and iron in the hard water can make the soap harder to rinse and clean off. After a shower, you may end up with extra soap on your body which creates dry and irritable skin

With a whole-home water treatment system, you will have cleaner and softer water that washes away the soap and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. If you’ve ever showered at a hotel or another house, you may notice a difference after a shower. The main difference usually lies in water treatment.

Improved Hair Conditions

Not only does hard water cause dry and irritated skin, but the water conditions could lead to multiple hair problems. The minerals and salts found in hard water may create hair breakage and the appearance of thinning. With a whole-home water treatment system, your conditioners and shampoos will work the way they are supposed to.

You will need fewer products after a shower, and your hair health will naturally improve over time. Hard water may also impact the color of your hair. For example, if you recently bleached hair blonde, hard water minerals could cause the color to fade and not appear the way you intended.

A water treatment system will not only help protect the hair’s color but save you time and money from going back to the hairdresser over and over again.

Fewer Tub Stains

Another noticeable aspect of hard water is the way the water can easily stain surfaces. If your home has hard water, you may notice extended water stains in sinks and faucets. In the bathroom, your tub could have several stains and rust build-up, especially by the tub drain.

The rust build-up is not only a bad visual, but it creates dirty or contaminated water when you want to take a bath. You will need rust cleaners to remove the build-up and keep the tub looking clean.

The installation of a water treatment system prevents rust build-up and removes the need to use harsh chemicals to constantly clean rust off the bathtub. Plus, the treatment system will practically eliminate hard water stains.

Prevent Showerhead Build-Up

Along with tub stains, another area of the shower the treatment system will help keep clean is the showerhead. When hard water dries, the minerals harden, form into clusters, and build up on each other. The easiest place to notice the build-up is on the showerhead. Look at the showerhead to see a small white collection of hardened minerals.

The more you use the shower, the more the minerals build-up over time. Eventually, you will notice less water pressure, and some of the smaller holes in the showerhead could become completely clogged. If you have a rotating shower head, hardened minerals could create a challenge when you try to twist or rotate the showerhead.

Once a water treatment system is installed, you should clean or replace the current showerhead. Start fresh and notice the differences in the way the showerhead is kept clean and clear for the future.

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