Hard Water, Laundry

The water you receive from the public utility is treated at the plant. Safe, ingestible chemicals are applied to the liquid to make it available to drink, wash, and bathe. However, in some regions, these treatments can’t break down the water’s chemicals and minerals. This results in hard water.

What Is Hard Water?

The development of hard water occurs when it flows through deposits of limestone, chalk, or gypsum. These are areas that contain large amounts of calcium, bicarbonates, and sulfates. When not treated, hard water flows through your taps.

The Effects of Hard Water

The effects of hard water are seen and tasted. If you drink water directly from the faucet it may taste and smell like rotten eggs. Your dishes and glasses are covered with a film of minerals no matter how much soap you use. Furthermore, your laundry and your body never feel or smell clean after a wash.

How to Correct Hard Water

The best way to correct the effects of hard water is with a water treatment system. Products like a water filtration system pull the harmful minerals from the liquid before they reach the sink, tub, or washing machine. Then, something like the Rainsoft water softener applies consumable agents to remove foul tastes and smells.

Water Softener Benefits

There are additional benefits of a Rainsoft water softener besides what is mentioned above. For instance,

  • It helps produce healthy skin and hair.
  • It minimizes wear on pipes and appliances by eliminating minerals and sediment.
  • It saves money, especially on the heating bill, since it removes water tank buildup.
  • It removes the soapy film from dishes, so they feel cleaner.

Rainsoft Versus Cleanstart®

The main difference between the Rainsoft water filtration system Cleanstart® is where they’re applied. The former is for residential purposes. The latter is designed for commercial laundry services looking to freshen their items.

How Does Cleanstart® Work?

CleanStart creates a powerful cleaning agent through oxidation. It takes normal cold tap water and injects a controlled measurement of ozone (O3) into the wash. Once activated, it oxidizes and disinfects the laundry while it removes stubborn stains.

After the ozone completes its task, it is converted into oxygen. In turn, the laundry comes out both fresher and cleaner. Furthermore, the fabrics last longer because they aren’t subject to long washes or harmful detergents.

Like Rainsoft, CleanStart helps to quickly heat water that flows through the washing machine. As it removes the buildup in the lines, it increases the flow of water. Plus, without accumulated sediment in the water heater, the process to make hot water doesn’t take as long. As a result, you save money on your energy bills.

Are you tired of foul-smelling water and a feeling your clothes aren’t clean? Or are you in the laundry industry and need a new method to make everything cleaner and fresher? If in either category, reach out to our team at Rainsoft A&B Marketing today for a free estimate on water softening solutions.