Hard Water

Nearly 85% of Americans are estimated to be using hard water in their homes. The distinctive smell, taste, and feel of hard water can make it difficult to perform simple household chores such as washing clothes, running the dishwasher, watering plants, and cooking without having to deal with crusty residue on nearly everything it touches.

What Is Hard Water?

Water “hardness” is measured by the concentration of minerals present, such as calcium and magnesium. The greater the concentration of these minerals in your water, the harder it is determined to be. Mineral saturation is measured in grains per gallon. A rating of 6-7 milligrams per liter is considered problematic for not only household appliances but for your health as well.

What Is That Water Doing to You?

Without using a RainSoft water treatment system and a drinking water filter, you may be harming yourself as you cook and drink with hard water. Consider the benefits of RainSoft water softener service to make your water safer to use, cook with, and drink for better health. Here are a few complications that could arise if you continually ingest water that is determined “too hard” to be safe.

Cardiovascular Disease

Numerous studies have revealed connections between water hardness and the development of cardiovascular disease. Some researchers point to excess calcium deposits in patients with hardened arteries, leading researchers to believe that the patients’ hardened arteries may have developed as a result of drinking water laden with calcium.


The presence of excess magnesium is a potential trigger for the growth of certain types of cancers, such as esophageal cancer and ovarian cancer. Magnesium is a critical component of a healthy diet, but excessive amounts can contribute to the overgrowth of mutated cells that lead to this devastating condition.

Alzheimer’s Disease

In certain parts of the country, strong aluminum deposits show up in drinking water in addition to calcium and magnesium. Research has shown that metal deposits in the body are linked to a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Kidney Stones

The very composition of a kidney stone is excess calcium, so it’s not surprising that kidney stones show as a result of ingesting hard water. Simply installing RainSoft water softener service in your home can help reduce the risk of this and many other health complications that surface with hard water consumption.

Reproductive Issues

Recent health studies from India have shown a higher rate of reproductive issues and stillbirths in women who ingest hard water regularly. It is thought that excess calcium and magnesium can cause oxidative stress on both mother and child, leading to complications with conception and pregnancy.

Softening Our Approach to a Water Problem

The addition of a quality water softener system in your home can reduce problems related to excess mineral deposits and produce safer, cleaner drinking water for you and your loved ones. RainSoft water softener dealers can provide you with a number of solutions that improve your water system and provide safer water for household and personal use. 

RainSoft A&B Marketing: Household Water Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

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