Water Conditioning

There are lots of benefits to using soft water at home. Some benefits include easier cleaning since hard water leaves stains, using less soap, softer hair and skin, cleaner dishes and cutlery, and increased longevity of water-using appliances. You can install a water softener to turn hard water into soft water and gain the above benefits. Read on to find the best water softener system for Florida.

What Is an EC5 Water Conditioning?

The EC5 system is a product of RainSoft’s computer-controlled water conditioners and is made by one of the best Florida water softener companies, RainSoft. RainSoft built its system to be durable and provide an abundant supply of softened water for a lifetime. Additionally, the systems provide dependable performance, including real-time status notifications for loss of power, low salt, and power restoration.

The system also notifies you of service reminders, i.e., filter changes and other useful reminders designed for optimal performance. The EC5 system provides notifications on its display and through the RainSoft Remind app. The system has a standard smart-feature microprocessor controller managing several thousand computations per second responding to your home water treatment needs.

It keeps track of your home’s water usage and regenerates itself based on acquired data. This feature saves salt, water, and electricity. The system has many benefits; however, let’s first learn how the water softener works.

How does the EC5 Water Conditioning Work?

The water conditioning system works in six stages.

  • Down-flow Conditioning: This stage involves removing hardness-causing minerals from the water.
  • Up-flow Backwash: This stage involves “fluffing” the conditioning resin bed to separate all solids from the media.
  • Down-flow Brining: Here, the system introduces the amount of salt water (brine) needed to fully regenerate the system.
  • Slow Down-flow Brine Rinse: This process involves a deep rinsing action that removes all traces of salt from the media bed.
  • Fast Down-flow Rinse: This stage involves repacking the media and removing iron, rust, and salt residue traces.
  • Treated Brine Makeup Refill: This stage involves using filtered water to make a clean brine solution.


  • Softens, filters, and conditions water by removing magnesium and calcium.
  • The system is self-cleaning, ensuring long life and maximum performance.
  • The system has high flow rates ensuring a plentiful and consistent supply of conditioned water.
  • The system uses less electricity and has few moving parts, ensuring system reliability.
  • It has various fail-safes to reduce chances of overflow and a battery to store critical system data in case of a power outage.
  • The system has the industry’s most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty, catering for the electrical parts, value, and treatment tank.
  • It has special features, including the ability to monitor the tank using an app.


  • The water softener system is relatively pricey.

The water conditioning system has zero cons and has received several positive reviews on various online platforms. Rainsoft A & B Marketing is one of the best Florida water softener companies. Contact Rainsoft A & B Marketing if you want the best water softener system for Florida.