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Affordable Water Treatment & Softener Systems

Water is essential for your health and overall quality of life. You and your family drink it and use it to prepare meals. It is central to your personal hygiene as well as your ability to keep your home and clothes clean, but do you know where your water comes from or how healthy it is for daily use?

A & B Marketing can help you by testing your water and recommending the best water treatment products for your home or business. As an authorized RainSoft Distributor in Jacksonville, FL for more than 20 years, we have the experience you need to improve your water.

We offer affordable water treatment & softener systems for everyday use. Hard water can be rough on appliances, plumbing, and many other areas of the home. A hard water & softwater purification system eliminates the wear and tear by removing the impurities from your drinking water. RainSoft systems also remove many chemicals found in water today. It is these contaminants that cause water to look, smell, and taste bad.

Fortunately, RainSoft offers affordable water treatment solutions you can start using immediately. You no longer have to settle for smelly water or waste money because of wear and tear on your water-using appliances. RainSoft products are energy efficient and require little maintenance. Most importantly, you will never run out of clean water!

Our Certified Water Specialists are certified to install as well as service all RainSoft products for residential and commercial clients. Since all of our RainSoft products are backed by a lifetime warranty, you simply cannot go wrong with A & B Marketing. Request your in-home water test today!