Water Softener, Water Purifier & Whole House Water Filter Systems Provided for Homes & Businesses in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL & All Nearby Communities

Water Softener Jacksonville Ponte Vedra Beach FLIf you are a homeowner or business owner in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, or any other nearby community in northeast Florida or southeast Georgia and need a premium water conditioner, water purifier, or whole house water filter system, then turn to the water purification specialists at A & B Marketing. As an authorized dealer for RainSoft, one of the world’s foremost water and air treatment companies, we can provide your residence or business with water filtration products that are among the very best of their kind and are designed to rectify the issues associated with water hardness and high chlorine levels, two of the most prevalent problems affecting the area’s water. While second-tier water softener and water purifier systems promise to remove impurities that lead to hard water and foul-smelling, bad-tasting tap water, respectively, many continue to leave you exposed to the contaminants that impact your water’s condition. By having the professionals at A & B Marketing install a water conditioner or a combination of RainSoft water treatment products, you can have an endless supply of clean, fresh water right from a tap at your home or business, and never again have to worry about the impurities that may currently affect the quality of your water.

Investing in products that deliver cleaner, healthier water should be a priority if you own a home or a business in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, or any other nearby community, but it’s important not just to settle for an ordinary, run-of-the-mill water softener or purifier. By purchasing a water conditioner, whole house water filter, or other efficient water treatment system made by industry leader RainSoft, you can count on receiving a quality product that is built to last. All of our water treatment systems have been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association to ensure that they’ll perform as advertised, and, unlike other water softener and water purifier products, they come backed by an industry-best Limited Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind. With an assortment of top-quality water treatment and filtration systems available for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, we are ready to provide effective, long-lasting, and cost-effective solutions to address your water problems. “Changing Water, Changing Lives” – that’s what we’re about at A & B Marketing.

Air Purifier Systems, Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation, Window Film Treatments & More for Homes & Businesses throughout Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL & the Surrounding Area

Air Purifier Jacksonville Ponte Vedra Beach FLIn addition to a wide range of water purification and conditioning systems, A & B Marketing offers many other residential and commercial products that can enhance the quality of life for individuals throughout Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, and the surrounding area. Our product selection includes the RainSoft AirMaster Ultra air purifier system, which can remove many common airborne impurities and create cleaner, fresher air to breathe, as well as Green Energy Barrier reflective attic insulation and 3M window film treatments, which can establish a more comfortable indoor environment and may even help to produce significant energy savings. Furthermore, we provide the CleanStart ozone laundry system, a unique product that offers a more energy-efficient and effective way to wash clothes, and bottleless water coolers for commercial properties, which allow businesses to offer clean, fresh-tasting water without the hassles associated with traditional, jug-dependent water cooler systems.

If you’d like to inquire about the benefits of a RainSoft water conditioner, water purifier, whole house water filter, or air purifier, or receive more information about any of our other exceptional products, contact A & B Marketing today. Be sure to ask about the convenient financing options we offer to qualified homeowners and business owners in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, as well as other communities throughout northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.

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Importance of Home Water Treatment

The benefits of home water treatment come in many forms. Whether you’re a mom bringing your new bundle of joy home, or a family looking for solutions to hard water, home water filtration systems from RainSoft offer your family the perfect solution to any home water concern. Learn more…

Whole House Systems

RainSoft water conditioning and water softening systems soften and polish the water used throughout your home. Soaps and shampoos rinse out more completely, leaving skin and hair cleaner and more residue free. Water conditioners allow you to use less soap, and your water-using appliances will last longer. Learn more…
RainSoft Drinking Water

Drinking Water Systems

Bottled water quality without the bottle. You’ll enjoy deliciously fresh drinking water all the time with one of our reverse osmosis systems. And with RainSoft drinking water purification systems, there are no heavy bottles to lug or deliveries to schedule. Just turn on the faucet and enjoy. You’ll also be doing the environment a favor. Learn more…

RainSoft Air Purification

Air Purification

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air quality in the average home can be 4 to 40 times as dirty as the air outside. And considering how much time your family spends indoors, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Airmaster Ultra purification system. Learn more…

Eliminate the Bottle

Do you realize producing water bottles for American consumption annually requires more than 17 million barrels of oil, not including the energy required for transportation? Bottling water produces more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide and more than 38 billion bottles were sent to landfills across the country. Learn more…

Money Saving Benefits

One of the most common perceptions of home water filtration systems is that they only help reduce bad tastes and that rotten-egg smell caused by sulfur. But did you know that installing a RainSoft water conditioner can actually help families save money? Learn more…
RainSoft: Taking the Worry Out of Water Since 1953

Why Choose RainSoft

Since 1953 RainSoft has focused exclusively on providing the finest whole-house water and air treatment systems for families like yours. RainSoft started with one location in Bensenville, Illinois. Today RainSoft, a division of Aquion Inc., is an international company with dealerships in the United States and 20 other countries. Learn more…

A & B Marketing Celebrates 27 Years

As the exclusive RainSoft Distributor in North East Florida and South East Georgia since 1989, A & B Marketing, Inc. is celebrating 27 years of service to Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia. We sell, install and service the entire RainSoft line of products. Learn more…

What our customers say

A & B Marketing has over 500 customer reviews on RainSoft’s national website! Click here to see what hundreds of customers have to say about their experience with the products and services delivered by A & B Marketing.RainSoft Letters

“You don’t know how bad your water is until you have good, clean water. From cooking to coffee – everything tastes better. And after finding out our tap water had more chlorine than our pool, we knew it was time to take action. After the first shower Cyndi and I knew we made the right choice with RainSoft.”Richard & Cyndi Nunn

“Since using Rainsoft we find our drinking water is delicious, the drinking glasses look clear, our skin feels soft after bathing, we understand our plumbing pipes will last longer. We are happy to be drinking and using water for better health which is the main reason for making this purchase. Thank you again and we appreciate the service you have given us.”P. Nordstrom

“The install guys were AWESOME!  They didn’t leave until they were certain I knew how to use the system.  The salesman didn’t think he was selling ANYTHING… We started talking and that was it.  He was patient kind and explained it all!  Great team.”Janet & JR Nelson

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