Commercial laundry services offer a quality wash that disinfects, removes stains, and leaves laundry smelling fresh and looking clean. For the average person seeking the same quality clean in their own home, traditional laundry machines and detergents too often fall short of these expectations.


Until now, anyway. Thanks to the CleanStart laundry system, you can now enjoy the same high-quality clean that would normally cost a premium when bringing laundry to a commercial laundry service.


But CleanStart is more than a high-powered laundry solution—it’s also an in-home upgrade that will help you save time and money while leaving your laundry fresher and cleaner than ever before.


What is CleanStart?

Using the same technology that commercial laundry services have used for years, CleanStart upgrades your laundry experience through an optimized, efficient cleaning solution. CleanStart takes your home’s regular tap water and enhances its cleaning capabilities through an oxidation process that injects a controlled amount of ozone (O3) into the water filling your washing machine.


This added oxygen improves the machine’s ability to oxidize your laundry—an important chemical process that supports stain removal, disinfecting, and color preservation for your laundry. Once the cleaning cycle is done, the oxygen is rinsed out in the machine, and your clean, fresh laundry is ready to be dried.


How Does CleanStart Save Me Money?

CleanStart can help your home save money in several different ways—and the longer you use the CleanStart system, the greater your lifetime savings will be.


First and foremost, CleanStart reduces the amount of detergent your machine needs to clean your clothes. Think of this process as addition by subtraction: since the oxygen is a more efficient, powerful and cost-effective cleaning agent, the cost of detergent per load will decrease.


Oxidation can also allow you to shorten the wash cycles for your laundry, since the cleaning agents are able to clean laundry faster and more thoroughly. This time savings can speed up how quickly you’re able to run loads of laundry, which can make a big difference in households running multiple loads in a row. The reduced run time for your laundry machine also reduces your energy consumption, saving money on utilities.


Since CleanStart works best with cold wash water, your machine also doesn’t have to expend energy heating up water or intaking water from your water heater. Meanwhile, the gentler oxidation process—as well as shorter laundry cycles—reduce the amount of wear and tear the washing process places on your clothes. This can extend the lifespan of your clothing, reducing how much you spend on new clothes.


Do I Need a Water Softener to Use CleanStart?

The vast majority of U.S. homes are supplied with hard water, and hard water can lead to a number of headaches when it comes to laundry. The mineral content of hard water may cause or contribute the following issues with your clothes:


  • Soil build-up on clothes, even after washing.
  • Stiff, uncomfortable fabrics.
  • Weakened clothing fibers and faster tearing and other deterioration.
  • Streaking, yellowing, discoloration and/or dinginess.


The more severe these complications of hard water may be, the higher your water’s mineral levels might be—and the greater your benefits will be when you adopt CleanStart to enhance your laundry experience.


(Water softeners) remove this mineral content from the water supply, resulting in higher-quality wash water for your laundry machine. If you’re considering installing the CleanStart system, though, you may want to reassess whether a water softener is worth the investment.


Because CleanStart oxidizes and enhances the wash water, the benefits of softened water may be greatly reduced. In some cases, CleanStart may be so effective in treating your wash water that you are unable to tell the difference between hard and soft water.


I Already Have a Water Softener System. Will I Benefit From CleanStart?

Water softeners and the CleanStart system may overlap in the benefits they offer your laundry machine, but this doesn’t mean they’re redundant when combined together. In many homes, a combination of softened water with the CleanStart system is necessary to achieve the quality washing you expect from your laundry machine.


If your tap water’s hardness levels are really high, even the (best water softeners) on the market will have their water quality improved by combining softened water with the CleanStart system. And by using the CleanStart system along with your water softener, you can still reap the time and cost savings that come with this efficient laundry system.


The bottom line: if you already have softened water but you’re still seeing issues with your laundry, more help is likely needed—and CleanStart can be the solution to your problems.


Ready to enjoy the benefits of CleanStart in your home? Contact a local RainSoft dealer today.