Water Treatment

Doing laundry isn’t everyone’s favorite chore, but it must be done, and it’s not helpful when you account for the fact that dryers and washers are costly appliances to operate. Things can get quite expensive in the laundry room, which is why most people opt for a RainSoft water treatment system, which keeps their laundry costs down.

There are other ways you can save money while doing the laundry, and keeping costs down is a necessity when addressing day-to-day chores. Therefore, we are sharing some easy tips that will help reduce your costs in the laundry room and ensure that you have clean clothes for the entire week. Here’s what you must do to keep your laundry costs down and save money while doing your laundry:

1.    Wash with Cold Water

You can use cold water to cut down a load’s energy use by half and reduce the strain on your washer. Using cold water detergents also helps, and that is where the RainSoft water softener in Clay County, Florida, can be particularly useful for you. So, the next time you’re doing your laundry, consider using cold water to wash your clothes as it will put less strain on your washer.

2.    Do Full Loads

Another way you can reduce your laundry costs is only washing full loads because the energy your washer will consume will be the same whether you use half loads or full loads. It’s a smart way to ensure that you’re keeping your energy costs down, and you can get a full load of clothes cleaned right away. So, fill your washer up with dirty clothes and get down to business only with a full load of laundry.

3.    Air Dry Your Clothes

You can save a lot by air-drying your clothes when you can. There’s no need to put additional stress on your dryer when your full load of clothes can be air-dried. It’s also better for some clothes to dry in the open air instead of in the dryer where they run the risk of being damaged. You can hang your laundry outside in the air after using the RainSoft water treatment system and not use the dryer at all.

4.    Dry Loads that are the Right-Size

Your dryer will work a lot harder if it has to dry loads that aren’t the right size. That means you must put in clothes that fit your washer and dryer properly and aren’t too big or small. Ensure that you are washing an even-sized load in the dryer so that the dryer can work in a uniform manner and isn’t consuming too much time or energy while drying your clothes.

5.    Clean the Dryer’s Lint Filter

Your dryer’s lint filter can get dirty pretty quickly, affecting its efficiency when drying your load of clothes. You can use the RainSoft water softener in Clay County, Florida, to ensure that your clothes don’t have much lint on them and are as soft as possible, but cleaning the dryer’s lint filter is also essential. That way, your dryer will run much more safely and efficiently. Use a toothbrush to clean out all the lint accumulating in the dryer and you will notice the difference yourself.

6.    Use the Extended or High-Speed Spin Cycle in the Washer

You can also remove excess moisture from your load by using the high-speed or the extended spin cycle in the washer. That will ensure your clothes don’t have much moisture when they go into the moisture and are less likely to get damaged by the dryer’s high heat. You can also try using the RainSoft water treatment system, which is lighter on your clothes and ensures that you don’t have to put them into the dryer and run it at maximum speed to dry them out.

7.    Use the RainSoft Water Softener in Clay County, Florida

One of the best ways to save money in the laundry room is by using a water softener when washing your loads. The RainSoft water softener in Clay County, Florida, is one of the best in the business. It ensures that your loads get cleaned in the washer without suffering much damage while the dryer’s heat doesn’t ruin the lining or material of the clothes.

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