Drinking Water Systems

Most people don’t think about the water they’re drinking. The truth is that not all water is the same. Filtered, spring and purified water are all different in the individual processes and what is taken out and added in. Additionally, you could have other contaminants just from the bottle it comes in. Rainsoft water filter in Jacksonville provides water filters for you and your neighborhood. So, it is just what is removed and then what is later added to water to make it safe to drink?


Water Contaminants


Water contaminants are substances in the water before it’s filtered with carbon filters. Tap and well water can have dozens of contaminants in them. Your state’s and community’s laws and regulations determine how many levels of filtration their water goes through. In Florida, we at Rainsoft A&B Marketing can help with a water softener in Jacksonville.


Physical contaminants are microplastics found in some water bottles called bisphenol A, or BPA. BPA is a material many factories have used in plastics since the 1950s. Most bottling companies have eliminated the use of BPA plastics, but it’s still possible to have microplastics contaminating the water inside.


There are three other forms of contaminants, chemical, biological and radiological. Chemical pollutants are often found in the groundwater around farms and such places. Parasites are biological contaminants often found in water. Finally, radiological pollutants, such as Radon, are also found in water. This is why it is vital for your health to make sure your water is filtered and purified.


Spring, Filtered and Purified Water


Some people think that spring water is an alternative to purified water. However, the truth is that spring water often has the same contaminants as tap water. Filtered water is better, depending on the quality of the filtration system used and how frequently the water is filtered. Carbon filters are most often used to filter contaminants from water. However, even when water is filtered, it is not considered pure until as many of the contaminants as possible are removed.


Water purification is the only method to have almost all of the contaminants, such as bacteria, algae, fungi, parasites, metals and chemical pollutants, filtered out. Purification processes usually involve multiple steps in the filtration process. Reverse Osmosis is a popular method used to filter water. It dissolves inorganic solids in the water by using water pressure from a tap water source. These solids are then passed through a semipermeable membrane. Reverse Osmosis removes 90 to 99.9 per cent of contaminants from the Rainsoft water filter in Jacksonville.


After the filtration process, we add electrolytes and essential minerals to water for most of the hydration and replacement of these vital nutrients. As a result, purified water is better than simple filtered water and what sets water softener in Jacksonville apart from the competition is the purification method used.


Since purified water is considered the purest, it’s the best way to ensure you’re getting the best water quality. Our company, Rainsoft A&B Marketing uses filtration methods to help our customers receive better tasting, cleaner and softer water.


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