Air quality has been a top priority and concern for most Americans. Between illness, pollution, allergies, and other contaminants, the air we breathe greatly impacts our quality of life. You and your family could be subject to polluted air any time you go outside. Recent EPA reports state that the air inside a home is even dirtier than the air outside a home. While that’s unsettling, you do have the ability to control the air quality inside your home. Whole-home air purification systems installed to a home’s HVAC have become increasingly popular for these exact reasons. Indoor air purification technologies go beyond what air filters are capable of. While the latter devices catch particles large enough to fit through your HVAC, whole-home air purification systems use ultraviolet and ozone technology to neutralize all bacteria, providing the cleanest air possible. Listed below are some benefits of installing one of these devices.

What Does a Whole-House Air Purification System Provide? 

1. Healthier Air 

Dust, allergens, bacteria, and other pollutants constantly float in the air, meaning unwanted contaminants can hamper your breathing. Inhaling bacteria and pollutants can increase the chances of allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory conditions. Poor air quality can also lead to mildew and mold, which can damage a home’s structure and furnishings and can be detrimental to the health and well-being of its inhabitants. Having an air purification company install a whole-home system into your HVAC can make breathing easier while preventing the cost and discomfort of home repairs or health issues. 

2. Odor Elimination 

Between cooking, pets, kids, visitors, and all of life’s daily occurrences, a house can start to have a particular smell. But it’s more than just the scent floating around in the air. Mold, dandruff, and other particles or bacteria can settle into fabric and carpeting while floating around in the air, which can lead to upper respiratory issues, such as sneezing, coughing, and other breathing difficulties. Lighting candles or using a scented room spray can help the smell in the short term, but they don’t eliminate long-term respiratory issues. Whole-home air purification systems can remove odors and eliminate the root of the issue. 

3. An Easier Cleaning Routine

It might feel like dust accumulates overnight, and that might be the case. With kids, adults, and pets tracking dirt and grime from outside, dust can quickly pile up on a home’s surfaces. Whole-home air purification systems work with an HVAC’s air filters, eliminating more dust while preventing its formation. This means less time spent cleaning and more time spent enjoying the things you love most. 

4. A Home Better Suited for Pets 

Around 20% of people are allergic to pet dandruff and pet dandruff can be hard to get rid of. This can prevent a family from welcoming a pet into their home, or it can pose an issue for visitors who might be prone to itchy noses when these furry creatures are present. What’s more, odor from outdoor playtime or a litter box can overwhelm the senses. Indoor air purification technologies help eliminate odor, providing a home with a neutral smell that’s soft on the nostrils and air that’s better for those with allergies.

5. Complete Coverage 

HVAC air filters or other purifiers only serve the room in which they’re installed, requiring more devices to cleanse all your home’s air adequately. Moreover, air filters only capture large particles, ensuring that other bacteria, allergens, and toxins remain circulating through the air. Whole-home purification systems provide complete coverage, eliminating toxins of all sizes. 

The RainSoft AirMaster Ultra is one of the best whole-home air purification systems on the market. Contact us today if you’ve been considering indoor air purification technologies for your home in the Jacksonville, Florida, area.